Frequently Asked Questions




1. What exactly is The New England Series? 
The New England Series is an opportunity for amateur golfers in the area to play a series of organized golf events at some of the finest private clubs in New England. The New England PGA will be managing the events, providing the finest tournament administration including online event registration, personal stat tracking, deferred payments, etc.

2. What's involved? You join as a member and that allows you to play as many or few events as you wish. The season runs from mid-April through late October.

3. How many events do I have to play?
Play as many or as few as you like.

4. What does it cost?
The New England Series Annual Membership is $125. Then you just pay per event. The events are competitively priced and all include the day’s prize pool fee. Each event also has a $20 skins pool to participate in at the player's leisure.

5. How do I pay for events?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. CHECKS AND CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you choose to pay by credit card, you are not charged until ONE MONTH prior the event. See all your season's transactions at a glance in your personal “PLAYERS CLUB” page.

6. Is there a deadline to become a NES Member?
No, we accept Membership applications all through the season, but the earlier you join, the more events you have from which to choose.

7. How big are the events and what can I win?
Our goal is to average 50 - 60 people for each event. On average, 25%-30% of all golfers in the field will win some prize at each event. The prizes will be in the form of gift certificates in the golf shop at the host facility.

8. What is the handicap allocation? Is there a GHIN requirement?
In order to receive 80% of your handicap allocation at each tournament, you must have an active GHIN#. If the player does not have an active GHIN# then he/she will play at scratch. **This includes guests**

9. What if I don't have an official handicap?
We have several facilities (spread out regionally) willing to manage your official USGA handicap for you. If you don’t have one, we can help start one for you, All you need is 5 scores turned in to allow us to provide you with a temporary index.

10. How do I enter and play in a NES event? 
You quickly and easily register for events via the website. Registration usually closes 7 days before the event date. You may enter as many events as you like, your credit card will NOT be charged until ONE MONTH prior the deadline. On the day of an event we suggest you arrive at the course 30 minutes before your tee time to warm-up. Please arrive to the tee 10 MINUTES before your tee time to receive your scorecard/local rules/etc.

11. What are the rules of play?
We abide by USGA rules. No gimmes, Mulligans, or "winter rules." We do our best to protect the field and the integrity of the game. We also have a Rules Committee which we use as a resource for establishing NES local rules to govern our events.

12. What’s the level of competition?
Every event will have a Men's Gross/Net, Senior Men's Gross/Net (50+), Net-Stableford, & Women's Gross/Net Divisions. All competitors are automatically entered into each of the events. Individuals placing “in the money” in more than one division will win prizes in the division where they receive the largest prize. We expect to have players of all abilities, men, women & seniors!

13. How good do I have to be to play on the New England Series?
We expect you to have a working knowledge of the rules and golf etiquette. If you can break 120, you will enjoy the NES and have the ability to compete against the field.

14. What are your cancelation policies? You may cancel registration anytime up until ONE MONTH prior to the event without penalty. One month prior to the event, credit cards will be processed. From one month prior to the event, to 7 DAYS before the event, cancelation will result in a $25 fee. Registration deadline is 7 DAYS prior to the event. CANCELATION AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL RESULT IN FORFEIT OF THE ENTIRE ENTRY FREE.

15. Do I have to be a member to play in a NES event? Yes, unless you are brought as a guest of a NES member. Our guest fee is an additional $50 per event. YOU MUST CALL the New England PGA Section office before the tournament deadline to make arrangements for your guests.

16. Are Women allowed to join?
We welcome female members. The women play off the forward tees and compete against the men with an appropriate handicap adjustment.

17. I am a beginner - is NES right for me?
The maximum handicap allowable is 24 for men and 30 for ladies. You should be capable of shooting better than 120 on a regulation golf course to be able to win something in the tournament prize fund. Members should also be familiar with the rules of golf and golf etiquette and be able to play 18 holes in less than 4 hours 45 minutes.

18. Are all your tournaments played off the longest tees?
No! – in an effort to maximize the enjoyment for all those playing, we will typically see a course set up between 5,800 – 6,400 yards, The tee selection for each event also depends on the weather, and the particular course set up.

19. How are tee times created? 
Tee Times will be produced at random and made public within 48 hours of the day of the event. Also, pairings will typically be done in 3’s. If you have a tee time request, or wish to be paired with a guest or a friend, please call the office 508-869-0000 or email your request to Chris Clayton at There is no guarantee that we will be able to meet your request, but will do our best to accommodate. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE DEADLINE.